Brief History of Esterin

Esterin was “founded” by the first generation of Vedalken after the disappearance of the mysterious people who laid the foundations of Esterin (referred to as the Ancestors).

The oldest known history of Esterin is that of the War Atop Graves from the oral history of the Vedalken. The War Atop Graves was a conflict between several different tribal factions fighting to control the Volcanic Centrifuge, the massive machine in the center of the central volcano Mons Sicam, which provides the most power in the city. Archaeologists believe the War Atop Graves lasted 300 years from year 0 to the year 299 when the warlord known as Danaerth the Brilliant discovered Wroughtborn Foundry and used the Wroughtborn as an army to unite Esterin under his banner, the Black Dagger.

Following Danaerth’s ascension to the throne came the Uneven Years, when the infrastructure laid by the Ancestors had been ruined and destroyed in the War. Volcanic flow was uncontrolled, eruptions occurred killing hundreds. Danaerth’s staff, in almost its entirety, was dedicated to repairing the city and getting the machinery built by the Ancestors to work once again.

50 years of maintenance passed and the Dagger Mountains were once again volcanically and tectonically stable, and Esterin began to grow. For 20 years Esterin quietly grew, maintaining the technology and pipeworks laid down by the Ancestors. In year 374, Aemelus the Hirudon vampire marched an army of the undead to the gates of Esterin and demanded the city’s immediate unconditional surrender and annexation into the Volthmari Empire.

Magus-Regent Danaerth said no, beginning the domino effect that would lead to the collapse of the Volthmari Empire. A fierce war began, Esterin holding its own against the seeming unending tides of armies that the Empire could raise. After two years of Esterin holding the line, the Volthmari began to funnel forces from its newly conquered territories to Esterin determined to take the city. This weakened its hold wherever it withdrew forces.

With the Empire distracted by Esterin, a coalition of rebellious city-states was formed consisting of Uthvolen, Tamaray, Zols, Danrael, and Vallix throughout the northern regions of Anduimar. This coalition would later be the groundwork for the League of Civitas. In a bold joint effort by the city-states, they led a military assault on the Volthmari Empire’s capital city, Tenebrum. The attack was ultimately unsuccessful, but did enough damage to the city to give cause for the Empire to withdraw forces from the Esterian front to defend its inner holdings and sign a peace treaty with Esterin and the city-states. The Dark Empire would fall to internal political strife within a century of the signing and balkanize into multiple quarreling lesser kingdoms that would later be united by the Second Empire, otherwise known as the Sanquis Empire.

Brief History of Esterin

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